Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love rats, scum bags

Dear hopeful ladies,

Heads up on a few KNOWN facts about cheating men.

1) You are not the first. Even if you are...

2) You won't be the last.

3) Men like this NEVER change.

4) Even if they do, it's because they lost something (face, health, money, YOU, whatever.) that is important to them (or so they think lah..)

5) The change is temporary.

6) The change cease to exist, right at the moment you decide to give him a SECOND chance.

7) *cue music* "..Oops i did it again..I played with your heart..lalala"

8) Maybe part 4) and 5) will repeat again. It's a vicious cycle.

9) By now, you should know better. Please walk away.

"Nobody would love you, if you don't love yourself enough. If it hurts too much, sometimes it's okay to just say: I'm not a toilet bowl and i'm not taking your shit. Please Fuck Off. "

Disclaimer: It's not about me or my personal life. It's just what i think.

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